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I am responsible for many aspects of the smooth running of a very well known and large company here in Pittsburgh, which includes keeping our complex clean. CGN Cleaning and Candido Nolfi are the ONLY ones we trust to do this very important job. They are RELIABLE and VERY THOROUGH ! There has never been a problem nor has there been any reason to even consider looking elsewhere. Candido is an absolutely WONDERFUL man, and you'll know as soon as you meet him, that he takes his carreer and his life seriously, and that it truly matters how he is perceived by others.
It shows in his demeanor and in the quality of the work. We could not be happier and highly, highly recommend CGN Cleaning Services !
Ann P. Pittsburgh

Image is everything in my business, because we specialize in consulting. We consult others and give advice we feel is best.
Please allow me to pass along what I feel is the BEST advice I could give in relation to you choosing a company that you can comfortably count on to keep your image spotless when it comes to top notch office cleaning. I use CGN because they showed me that they are much more thorough than anyone else we have used prior. I noticed quickly, many years ago, that they did things without being asked, and they did tasks that other companies don't do or want paid extra to do. Of the many pleasurable qualities I like about how CGN does things, is the fact that it is usually the same group of people that show up. We've developed a relationship, everyone is on the same page, and they are extremely professional. Candy Nolfi has done a great job building a reliable,reputable company, and I would recommend him and his employees without any hesitation whatsoever.
Jim J. Pittsburgh

Trust a woman when referring a cleaning company ! I am a woman who is a clean and neat freak ! But, I am too busy running a business to do it all myself. As picky as I am, Candido Nolfi should be VERY proud that I have agreed to HIGHLY recommend his company for cleaning and janitorial services ! They clean, as I do, which is meticulously ! Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I will gladly calm your fears. This company is GREAT and so is Candido ! He's a good man.
Felicia Z. Squirrel Hill