Simply Put ?
We clean it ALL !
We are primarily a Commercial Cleaning company, with an emphasis on Businesses, not residential. However, under certain circumstances we DO clean residential locations. If you have a larger home and would like some SERIOUS cleaning....we can help ! Call us for more info regarding residential.
But if you own a business...and want it VERY clean with UNMATCHED ATTENTION TO DETAIL....CGN has been EXCEEDING clients' expectations for a QUARTER CENTURY !

CGN Cleaning Services, LLC is PROFESSIONAL !
We are clean cut and PERSONABLE ! We can accommodate you with a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning and janitorial service regimen. Whatever works best for you...we'll get you on a regular schedule so that you'll always be clean and sanitary ! We are located in Kennedy Township, PA and proudly serve businesses throughout all parts of Allegheny County and beyond. We SPECIALIZE in: Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning... powerwashing cleaning.... entrances... foyers... reception areas... hallways... stairs and elevators... vacuuming carpets... mopping wood, tile, and linoleum floors... dusting floors, furniture, electronic equipment, shelves, door frames, blinds and mirrors... sanitizing light switches, telephones, doorknobs and handrails... cleaning baseboards and light fixtures... washing windows... cleaning kitchens and lounges and eating areas, sinks and countertops... cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, and we mean CLEANING the TOILETS and the FLOORS around the toilets ! No quick once over wipe down. We are SERIOUS about CLEANING and SANITIZING ! We'll remove trash... clean your carpets and polish your floors ! And yes....we own all of our own equipment which means we don't have to inflate the price in order to make up for equipment rental !

Please contact us to schedule an onsite consultation to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements.
This appointment will cost you NOTHING !
Free estimates ENTHUSIASTICALLY given !
As was stated earlier....we know that there are MANY cleaning companies out there promising great service.
But how many have been around for a QUARTER CENTURY...without a SINGLE COMPLAINT ??
Folks.....we are THAT good at what we do....and the only way to see and smell the to call us today !
We find and ELIMINATE the dirt that the others simply swept under the rug.

Good Lord....THAT'S CLEAN !!
Let us SHOW you what we mean !!!