About Us

Welcome to the website for CGN Cleaning !
I'm Candido " Candy" Nolfi...the owner....
and I GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to visit my site !
Ok...let's start first with my name.
People have often said....with a name like Candido Nolfi....I should have been a Mobster or a Movie Star !
Well....thank goodness....I'm neither !
As you can see by the video on the homepage...I'm just a good ol' boy who has the PRIVILEGE of being a business owner here in Pittsburgh, where many great companies rely on MY company to keep their offices CLEAN and SANITARY !

You are a business owner.
You are here because someone told you about us, or perhaps you found us by doing a search on line.
The bottom line is this:
There are MANY cleaning companies in this town.
Some good.
Many NOT so good.
I FULLY understand how confused you may be right now, trying to decide HOW to make the proper choice.
Well.....allow me to make this a little bit easier for you.
There are SCORES of cleaning companies who have started business, but never made it for one reason or another...and are NOT in business today.
CGN Cleaning Services ?
I started this company in 1993, and for a Quarter Century, I have not only survived...but THRIVED in this city based upon my reputation and the REFERRAL business from my ECSTATIC clients !
Folks....REPUTATION should be the MAIN reason why you choose a company such as mine.
Let's face it.
You will have some strangers inside of your office, where there are lot's of important documents and valuables.
Should you trust just anybody because they have a fancy website ?
NO !
If you look closely at my logo, you'll see a CROSS in the background.......and you'll see a Tag Line that says...
" Good Lord THAT'S CLEAN ! Let us show you what we mean ! "

I want to take this opportunity to let all of you know, that I am PROUD to say that I am a Christian man.
I am certain that there is a God, and I live my life in such a way to PLEASE God.
When a person lives his or her life to please God, Morals and Ethics and HONESTY are ALWAYS at the forefront !
With that said....am I saying that if I am a Christian, and perhaps you don't agree with my beliefs, that I think I'm better than you ?
But I do want you to know, that when making a decision to hire a cleaning company, you should do so with CONFIDENCE that the OWNERSHIP is honest and only EMPLOYS HONEST, HARD WORKING PEOPLE !
Lying...stretching the truth or cutting corners is NEVER AN OPTION !
I live a good, clean life, and I can assure you that your office will be cleaner than it ever has been.
Thanks in part to my FANTASTIC staff, we are proud to have EARNED the reputation we currently enjoy !
I have NO DOUBT...that if you try us just one time....we will be your LONG TIME cleaning company !
I DON'T lose clients due to sub par work !
It simply doesn't happen !
My prices are great too !
Simply call for a FREE ESTIMATE !

For now though......to learn more about all the services we provide....click on the Services page ! And MAKE SURE you click on the Testimonials page so that you can see what other business owners JUST LIKE YOU....are saying about THEIR experience with CGN Cleaning Services !

I look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !
Candido Nolfi